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Zhejiang Tiannv Color Steel Co., Ltd is a Professional China MACHINARY Factory and MACHINARY company, we was established in January 2003, located in Zhejiang Province, which is a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture with a registered capital of 50 million RMB. The company covers an area of 50000㎡, and a workshop area of 12000㎡. Company’s main products are hot galvanized steel coil, aluzinc coil, prepainted steel coils (PPGI / PPGL), prepainted aluminum coil, printed PPGI for household appliance, roofing/corrugated PPGI sheet, and PPGI paint. Currently, we have 85 skilled employees, 5 professional engineers and 15 experienced office personnel. The manufacture capability of our production line is nearly 100,000 metric tons per year.

Our company produces high quality color coated steel, and imposes strict quality control over the prepainted steel coils. We use good quality hot-dip galvanized steel coils or Alu-Zinc coated steel coils as base sheet and strictly select coated paints, which have won public praise in China. Moreover, we have attained ISO9001 certification Our consistent target is to supply best quality MACHINARY, which gives quality promise to customers and competitive advantage for our company.

Industry Knowledge

What is Roll Forming Machine?

Roll Forming Machine is a machinery used to create three-dimensional solid objects. Roll forming machine is generally used for making low tolerance parts by using two rolls and drawing material through them. The machine can be used for various applications and processes, such as car parts, home appliances, motor vehicles and iron castings.

Roll forming machine is used to produce structural steel shapes or other metal products by passing metal through a die at high speed, simultaneously in two directions.

Roll forming machinery is a further advance in forming technology that offers greater productivity, flexibility and higher quality parts. Rolls are constructed of hardened steel and are polished to exact tolerances so they move freely against each other without friction.

Roll Forming Machine is the rolling application of metal sheets and strips, with the help of flat die punches and gantry systems, forging parts like motor shafts, trolleys, channel base for machine tools and so on. Rolling has its own unique strength and cold-forming does not have, but the disadvantage is forming speed is slow and there are many processes involved in it.

The Roll Forming Machine is an excellent tool for building your own Aluminium Projects. The machine uses a robotic arm to form and assemble individual sheets of metal into a variety of shapes.

Roll Forming Machine is a new model of the developed equipment. It has high precision, good workmanship and easy operation. In order to meet different requirements in the market and in accordance with customer demand, we have designed this machine based on actual needs such as accurate size and stable frame structure by updating our products continuously.

Roll forming machine, also known as round steel tube rolling forming machine, is used to process with strip and solid round material after cold drawing and extrusion. The simple mechanism makes the operation more easy and reliable. This roll forming machine works by pushing the strip through a series of rollers with different diameters

Roll forming machine is a small rolling mill and it is suitable for use in the office or factory to process the material. The material thickness is generally less than 30 mm, but can be thicker if the rubber layer of the frame is equipped with high pressure springs.

The roll forming machine is used to press and roll the various materials into different shapes, such as tube, wire and blade.

Roll forming is a metal forming process that manufactures sheetmetal parts according to a specific shape or pattern by passing it through rolls equipped with cutting tools.

This is the best small roll forming machine in the market. With its automatic, fast and efficient manufacturing technology, this machine saves time and labor costs for many metalworking business or craft shop. It is designed to save you space and money on metal working projects.

Roll forming machine is a simple, efficient and economical way to process raw material into any shape you can imagine. Roll forming machines are also known as sheet metal forming machines, strip rolling machines and roll bending presses. We make roll forming machine for all your sheet metal fabricating needs from our own portable models to large industrial production lines.