Why is the surface of the color coated roll matt

Summary: With the development of modern times, it has become an indispensable part around us. But as we use it for a while, its s...
With the development of modern times, it has become an indispensable part around us. But as we use it for a while, its surface loses its luster, what is the reason?

The surface layer of the substrate is rough, or there is oil, moisture, wax, etc., and the coating is not fully cured.
The paint of the color-coated coil is not fully mixed before the machine is put on the machine, the solid content of the paint sinks to the bottom of the barrel, and the pigment in the iron barrel will decrease during construction.
The paint added too much thinner, making the effect of the light paint thin.
The root cause of color paint fit is that there are too many pigments, fillers and solvents in the paint, not fine enough or dusty.
The coating of the color-coated coil is too thin, and the room temperature of the roller coating during construction is too high or too low. In addition, because the temperature of the curing oven is set too high, the amount of hot air circulation in the oven is not complete, and the coating is excessive. Similarly, the surface layer of the coloring roller may also be dull, so it is necessary to ensure that the coloring roller is applied during application. The glossiness of the surface layer does not cause the above problem.

Small knowledge of color-coated board transportation and handling
In the process of storage, transportation and loading and unloading, the color-coated board may have various defects such as scratches, embossing, corrosion, etc. In order to avoid various defects, some precautions are briefly introduced as follows.
The product should be transported in the state as shipped, and the original packaging should not be disassembled at will. The vehicle of the transporter should be cleaned, and the floor of the vehicle should be covered with rubber pads and other protective devices. Necessary protective measures should also be taken around the vehicle to prevent damage and contusion on the packaging.
When unloading, put a rubber pad between the spreader and the product to prevent contusion, and use a special spreader when conditions permit.

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