What to do if the color steel roof leaks

Summary: The slope of the color steel roof is generally small, often below 6%. This structure is more common in areas with more ...
The slope of the color steel roof is generally small, often below 6%. This structure is more common in areas with more rain in central and southern China. There are large areas of water leakage, water leakage at the junction of lighting windows and roof ridges. It is necessary to understand and analyze the structure, leakage points and causes of the leakage of color steel roof.
Generally speaking, the water leakage of the color steel roof is mainly caused by factors such as self-tapping screws, color steel plate laps, roof tiles, centering rivets, deformation of the color steel plate caused by people on the roof, and the removal of the rain glue of the decorative parts such as the lighting windows. . The corresponding leakage points can be divided into the following points:hui
1. Water leakage at the roof screws and fasteners. This phenomenon mainly occurs in the double-layer color steel plate and the single-layer color steel plate roofing. During the construction process, the tapping force is too heavy and too light, and the self-tapping rubber deflection, etc. may deform the self-tapping rubber gasket. Shedding or forming a concave surface, causing water leaking from the roof and accumulating through the thermal insulation cotton. In addition, the position of the self-tapping is not correct, and missing the purlin under the color steel plate to form holes directly is also one of the important causes of water leakage. This kind of water leakage phenomenon may not be obvious in the roof structure of a single-layer color steel plate without an insulation system, mainly because the rainwater is directly dispersed after leaking through the part where the steel plate contacts the purlin, and does not necessarily drip quickly.
2. Water leakage at the overlap of the color steel plates. Horizontal lap seam and vertical lap seam, water leakage at the lap of the color steel plate, if the color steel plate wave is too low or the amount of rain is not over the wave, it is easy to form a large area of water leakage, and it is not easy to notice the water leakage point, once formed It is not easy to overhaul, this situation is more common in curved roofs. The main reason is that the overlap between the two boards is not tight, the self-tapping is not full, and the gap is formed.
3. The roof tile leaks. In light steel roof construction, water leakage caused by roof tiles is also a relatively common phenomenon. In the rainy season, especially when the amount of rain is large, the splash of rain water passes through the gap between the two color steel plates at the lower part of the ridge tile, forming a large area of leakage.
After understanding the structure of the color steel roof, possible leakage points and causes of water leakage, let's talk about the treatment plan. Combining urban construction waterproofing with many years of practical experience in construction, two water seepage schemes are proposed:
1. The whole roof is re-waterproofed. This scheme can form a layer of integrally connected waterproof layer on the roof of color steel plate. Urban engineering waterproof is recommended to use self-adhesive coiled material. Self-adhesive coiled material is a kind of waterproof and sealing material that can be bonded to the base surface. It is divided into two types: self-adhesive with tires and self-adhesive without tires. It is composed of a self-adhesive upper and lower self-adhesive rubber sandwiched between the tire base. The upper cover is a vinyl film and the lower cover is a peelable silicone oil film. The tireless self-adhesive is composed of self-adhesive, upper vinyl film and lower silicone oil film. The product is self-healing, that is, when the coil material is punctured or embedded with a hard object, it will automatically integrate with these objects and still maintain good waterproof performance. Product details see: self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof membrane
2. Waterproof the roof screws and fasteners, the color steel plate overlap and the roof tile. The construction process is as follows: cleaning the base layer → painting the base layer to deal with the waterproof material → construction of the additional reinforcement layer → painting the waterproof paint.