What methods can solve the problem of color-coated coil aging

Summary: Color-coated rolls may age if they are used for too long or if they are not used for a long time, because they will be e...
Color-coated rolls may age if they are used for too long or if they are not used for a long time, because they will be exposed to the sun for long-term construction or storage. Aging will occur after long-term exposure to light, which is unavoidable for us. The first necessary condition for the aging or photochemical reaction of color-coated rolls is that the surface components of color-coated rolls can absorb radiation energy, and the radiation energy absorbed by molecules is greater than that of molecules. When the bond energy is high, the prepainted coil coating can be degraded. Because the shorter the wavelength of light, the higher the energy it contains.

The aging of color-coated rolls in the atmospheric environment is that the coating molecules absorb the energy in the ultraviolet band of sunlight higher than its molecular bond energy, resulting in degradation of the coating molecules. With the aging of the coating film, the main body of the base material is gradually lost, and the surface of the coating gradually becomes rough and loses its luster. This loss of binder ultimately leaves more stable pigment particles as an unbound powder on the surface of the paint film, a process known as chalking. There is a big difference in the aging resistance of polyester rolls with different coating thicknesses. The aging resistance of thin-coated color-coated rolls is poor, and the aging resistance of normal-thickness coatings is relatively good. Relying on thinning the coating to reduce The production cost method of color-coated rolls is not feasible, and it will inevitably bring serious quality problems.

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