The role of the color coated plate screw in use

Summary: The environment of the color-coated plate is different in use. In the use, a screw is needed for auxiliary function, whi...

The environment of the color-coated plate is different in use. In the use, a screw is needed for auxiliary function, which can improve the service life of the color-coated plate. The following is a brief introduction to how to make the screw in the application of the color-coated plate.

Because the ocean atmosphere contains salt, it is highly aggressive. The closer the color coated steel coil structure is to the coast, the more severe the corrosion and the corrosion rate is many times higher than that of the inland atmosphere. The steel structure is in contact with the wood, and the metal is severely corroded due to the acidity of the wood after it is damp. Practice has proved that to achieve more than 30 years of service life, you must use AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel screws, which is the preferred fastener for steel structures in Europe and America. It can fundamentally prevent the occurrence of corrosion.

Water tightness has a lot to do with the quality of screw washers. The introduction of Swiss SFS fastener system is equipped with EPDM waterproof gasket. It has unique performance, temperature resistance -50 °C ~ +100 °C, ozone and UV resistance, can effectively resist Outdoor aging, the volume of the gasket is flexible enough to accommodate various displacements of the screw and installation errors. The “EPDM” waterproof gasket is optimized so that when the screw is in place, the top of the screw fits snugly against the inner layer of the gasket to prevent moisture ingress.

The SFS Fastener System stainless steel screw and its associated gaskets are fully suitable for open structural roofing, drilling on the roof and fastening it to the stringers. If the concealed structure is used, although the screws are not exposed, stainless steel screws must be used in order to resist the water film on the inner members and the "acid rain".
Therefore, everyone should not be numb in choosing a color-coated plate, and it is meticulous and error-free.

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