The installation of flooding board for color steel roof

Summary: The intersection of the color steel plate roof and the facade wall and the protruding roof structure should be treated w...

The intersection of the color steel plate roof and the facade wall and the protruding roof structure should be treated with flooding, and the height of the flooding plate should not be less than 300mm. The water-flooding board and the wall crest are made to overlap in water, and the width of the longitudinal overlap in the direction of water is not less than one wave crest. The two plates should be sealed with a long sealant; after the bolts are tightened, the self-tapping with waterproof sealing pads is used at the overlap. The screws are fixed on the support member; the width of the horizontal overlap is not less than 200 mm, and the molded rubber waterproof pad (KL top sealing strip) is used to fill the floodboard and the roof color steel plate.

Gable flooding node 4 out roof components
1) Tubular penetrating objects: firstly take holes in the color steel plate according to the design position and size, fix a flanged cylindrical sleeve produced by a manufacturer on the color steel plate, and the center point of the sleeve should be connected with the roofing member Overlap, the sleeve flange should completely cover the opening, and then the separate steel plate flange is fixed on the sleeve flange with dark rivets, and the joint between the flange and the sleeve flange and the color steel plate is specially sealed It is sealed with a chemical agent, and finally the sealing of the conical shield is fixed on the roofing member with a fastening hoop, and a gap must be left between the shield and the sleeve to facilitate the thermal expansion and displacement of the roof structure. The method of wearing roof pipe joint 10 300mm

2) Outlet of the roof fan: Since the roof member will cut the steel plate drainage groove and hinder the drainage direction, it is necessary to install special flooding at the protruding roof member for drainage. First install the terminal frame of the gutter roof color steel plate, and then fix the drainage chassis, the gap between the color steel plate rib and the drainage chassis is plugged with a special molded rubber plug, and the outside is sealed with a special sealant, and finally the flood plate is installed. The joints of the flooding board, the drainage chassis and the color steel plate are sealed by the above method, and the height of the flooding board and the width of the overlap with the steel color board are the same as the gable.

The method of opening the roof through the roof 5 Telescopic joints When a color steel plate with a slope direction exceeds a certain length, telescopic joints should be set to overcome the longitudinal thermal displacement. The maximum steel plate length between two telescopic nodes of concealed concealed roof color steel plate shall not exceed 35m. The method is as follows: Raise all the purlins of the color steel plate above the lap joint and the roof color steel plate support to form a height difference of 15mm higher than the depth of the color steel plate, the length of the roof color steel plate overlap at the height difference is not less than 250mm, and For sealing treatment, additional purlins or supports are required at the drop. After the installation of the telescopic joint sealant roof color steel plate is completed, the junction of the flood plate, the ridge cover, etc. and the color steel plate should be sealed with weatherproof sealant; all exposed self-tapping screws are protected by smearing sealing material. When using blind rivets, the sealant must be filled in the middle hollow.