The correct way to install color steel coil

Summary: With the improvement of people's living standards, the characteristics and advantages of color rolling board have been r...
With the improvement of people's living standards, the characteristics and advantages of color rolling board have been recognized by everyone. In order for everyone to use them better, let us understand the correct way to install the color roll board.

The color roll board is often used in buildings and is loved by people for its good performance. If it is improperly installed, the upper part of the color roll board must be on the same plane. According to the actual situation, the position of the color roll board can be adjusted by tapping or loosening, and it is not allowed to directly tap the lower part of the fixed bracket to adjust the slope and position of the roof. Correct placement of the color roll plate ensures an effective closure. On the contrary, improper placement of the color roll board will affect the fastening effect of the color roll board, especially near the midpoint of the bracket. Do not leave debris and metal objects on the surface of the color coated steel coil. It should be cleaned frequently, and do not walk on it, so as not to damage the coating film.

When the ceiling panel is ready to be installed on the roof, please pay attention to the female rib part of the roof panel towards the initial installation direction to ensure the correct installation position of the initial panel. Check the verticality of the roof gutter. When rising, do not step on the crest. Can only step on the valley. When transporting the color-coated board, the layers are separated by film materials to avoid damage caused by relative sliding, and avoid transportation and operation on the board. If you can only operate on the board, you can lay a wooden springboard on the board. Both ends of the springboard must be supported on it. The cutting machine cuts the color tile, and the high-temperature metal powder produced by the cutting should not stick to the color rolling board and rust. Fix the bolt head of the color-coated aluminum plate, and seal it with a strong waterproof material to prevent rainwater from infiltrating and rusting. The roof cover should be constructed as soon as possible after the roof is completed. If it cannot be constructed immediately, use a plastic sheet to protect the roof insulation material to prevent rainy days from affecting the insulation effect. A specially designed transparent organic film is coated on the surface of some color roll boards, which must be peeled off immediately after installation to avoid sunlight and improve the adhesion between the organic film and the surface of the color board.