Talk about the use of color-coated board

Summary: 1. Color-coated board connection: Prefabricated EPS socket color steel insulation board is adopted. The thickness of the...
1. Color-coated board connection: Prefabricated EPS socket color steel insulation board is adopted. The thickness of the wall board is 50mm. . All wall panels are made of 50mm thick EPS sandwich color steel plate. The roof adopts color steel insulation board. The outer diameter of the color-coated plate chamber is designed as follows: (length) × width × height (mm): 7000 × 4000 × 3150, and the inner diameter of the equipment is: (length) × width × height (mm): 6900 × 3900 × 2600 , set a set of doors at the front of the room, the size of the door (width) × height (mm): 2800 × 2500; set a set of safety doors on the side of the room, the size of the safety door (width × height (mm): 750 × 1800. The material is the same as the side panel .The safety door is equipped with a pressure protection device to ensure safe use. When the indoor pressure is too large, the safety door will automatically open and release the pressure, and can be evacuated and approached. Install glass observation windows on the door and the working door. The aluminum-zinc plate thinks the whole The structure is strong and perfectly combined with the wall panels.

2. The frame link of the color-coated board: Since the height of the color-coated board reaches 3150 mm, in order to make the color-coated board safer and better, we designed the frame structure. A 40mm x 40mm square steel pipe is used to pass through the composite panel from the inside and connect in all directions horizontally and vertically to form a whole. There are 5 groups in total.

3. Illumination of color-coated boards: the method of combining top and side lights and waist side lights is adopted. This structure makes the light in the room soft, uniform and bright, and the light intensity in the room is above 80OLum. The lighting tube adopts Philips The lamp tube is used for lighting, and the ballast is a special ballast with stable performance and long service life.

4. Color-coated plate purification link: double external filter structure is adopted, the filter cotton can effectively filter dust particles with a diameter greater than 10 μm, and the precision filter layer is sp-600 extra-thick filter cotton with a multi-layer structure, which can effectively filter the diameter For dust particles larger than 4 μm, the entire filtering process has a large amount of dust, small resistance, long life, and a filtration efficiency of over 98%.

5. According to the requirements of the air volume in the color-coated board room, the air supply volume is 18000m3/h. The color-coated board adopts a set of positive pressure air supply and exhaust links, and two 3kw positive pressure fans are installed in the air supply link, which are molded. , large air volume, good temperature resistance. All are manufactured by dedicated fan factories.

6. External heating link: Far-infrared electric heating device is used. It mainly includes far-infrared generators, stainless steel reflectors, wires and trunking, etc. A total of 24 sets of heating links are configured for the color-coated board. Considering the actual situation of use, each set uses a 0.8kw far-infrared generator and is controlled in three ways to facilitate safer control and use. The power is 30KW, and the heat energy radiator made of stainless steel is matched accordingly, and the heat exchange rate reaches more than 95%.

7. Environmental protection treatment of automobiles and color-coated boards: use air filter carbon adsorption filter device and two glass fiber filter felts for baking paint treatment, and the two glass fiber filter felts in the environmental-friendly air filter carbon filter link first filter the paint mist once and secondary filtration, and then the carbon layer is filtered by the air. The effective adsorber has no harmful substances such as benzene, toluene, and xylene in the exhaust gas. The air filter carbon has strong adsorption force, easy to filter the paint mist, easy to clean, and ensure the ventilation effect. Because the air of the paint mist passes through the air filter carbon, it will be strongly mixed with the surface to form a multi-stage purification process, which improves the purification effect of the car paint , so as to achieve the removal of paint mist and ensure that the environment of baking paint is not polluted, so as to ensure that automobile exhaust emissions meet national standards.

8. Color-coated board control link: ① This electric control scheme strives to be economical and applicable, reasonable in structure, safe and reliable. ②The primary power supply is provided by the user (that is, the power transmission from the workshop power supply cabinet to the equipment electric control cabinet), and we are responsible for the secondary power supply (that is, the power transmission from the equipment electric control cabinet to the equipment). ③The design and installation of the electronic control link conform to the relevant national work safety regulations, with high reliability, reasonable layout and convenient maintenance. With manual control fan start and stop. ④ Part of the components in the work control link work with Chint and other famous brands. ⑤The control cabinet is located outside the room, and the cabinet door is equipped with necessary operating devices such as power switch, start, stop, etc., power indicator lights, various operating status indicators, fault signal indicators, and various fault alarms and other components and instruments.

9. Safety control link of color-coated board: set up a safety outer door on one side of the room. When the pressure in the galvanized house is too high, the outer door can be automatically opened to release the pressure.


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