Steel inspection and adjustment

Update:18 Dec 2017

The main test plate and the fixed seat is completely in […]

The main test plate and the fixed seat is completely interlocked and roof parallelism adjustment.
     The first aspect of the test is to follow the full length of the steel plate being installed one time by placing one foot against the floor of the overlapping inner rib and the other foot pressing against the neck of the interlocking rib at regular intervals, Also press the top of each rib of the center of each splint, in order to achieve full interlocking (which is important), overlapping the outer ribs below the outer shoulder must be pressed into the shoulder that engages the inner ribs. Dark buckle board edge peak edge should be inverted perennial leading the wind laying.

     The second aspect of the test is to measure the width of the plate that has been fixed and test it at the top and bottom to ensure that no moving sectors are present and at some stage, The distance from the top of the profile plate to the six sides of the roof or the completion line to ensure that the fixed plate is parallel to the finish line. If adjustments are needed, the fan can be adjusted slightly for later installation and fixing of each panel.