Selection of coating thickness of color-coated rolls

Summary: From a microscopic point of view, the coating is a porous organization. Water in the air and corrosive media (chloride i...
From a microscopic point of view, the coating is a porous organization. Water in the air and corrosive media (chloride ions, etc.) will invade through the weak part of the coating, causing corrosion under the film, and then the coating will bubble and peel off.

In addition, even with the same coating thickness, the secondary coating is denser than the primary coating. According to foreign reports and related corrosion test results, the front coating of 20μm or more can effectively prevent the intrusion of corrosive media. Because the anti-corrosion mechanism of primer and topcoat is different, not only must the total film thickness be specified, but also the primer (≥ 5μm) and the thickness of the topcoat (≥15μm). Only in this way can the corrosion resistance of different parts of the color-coated steel sheet be balanced.

PVDF products require a thicker coating film because they have to provide a longer service life guarantee. The requirements for the backside coating depend on the application. The sandwich panel only requires one layer of bondable primer, and the formed steel plate is also required to be coated with two layers due to the corrosive indoor environment, with a thickness of at least 10μm or more.

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