Sandwich color steel plate and manual plate which is more advantageous

Update:15 Oct 2020

Sandwich color steel plates can be divided into machine […]

Sandwich color steel plates can be divided into machine-made plates and hand-made plates according to their different production processes. According to the different processes of the two, there are certain differences in production cost and quality. The machine-made board is also called the tongue-and-groove board, which is made by directly compounding the steel coil and the board by the machine. The groove-and-groove slots at the two ends are convenient for direct splicing and installation of the board and convenient on-site cutting. Strength and flatness are not as good as manual boards. The hand-made board is artificially compounded after being folded, and the keel is wrapped on all sides, which greatly increases its strength. The price of the hand-made board is more expensive than the machine-made board.

Sandwich color steel plates are generally composed of double-sided steel coils and internal core materials. The internal core materials are generally rock wool. Most of the paper aluminum honeycombs, glass magnesium and foam. Different core materials have their specific functions. The finished panels can be transported to the site to start construction directly, which is very fast and convenient.

The machine-made sandwich panel is made of tongue-and-groove type. When installing and splicing, the tongue-and-groove of the plate is directly embedded into the tongue-and-groove of another plate, which is convenient for installation and does not require other profile accessories. When installing the manual board, you need to embed aluminum with Chinese characters, and then put the two boards together.