Reasons for the phenomenon of paint explosion on color-coated rolls

Summary: Color-coated rolls, a material with many excellent properties, can also cause problems. The phenomenon of paint explosi...
Color-coated rolls, a material with many excellent properties, can also cause problems. The phenomenon of paint explosion occurs. What is the cause?

1. Add passivation solution first, then add water when matching the tank. Due to the density problem of the passivation solution, for example, when the density of the passivation solution is higher than that of water, the raw materials will be mixed unevenly, and the adhesion of the passivation layer and the substrate will be poor, which is very easy to cause the surface of the color coated roll to explode. phenomenon.
Second, there is also a passivation board temperature production process that requires inspection every 2 hours. The reason is that the staff did not regularly track the passivation board temperature during the inspection. Especially in winter, the temperature change is relatively large within 2 hours, which will eventually cause the aging of the color-coated roll, and the phenomenon of scratching and peeling of the paint will occur during the pressing.
3. During the production process of color-coated rolls, there is dust on the exit inspection mirror and some rollers. Dust will directly affect the surface quality of the color-coated rolls, which may not be shown at the beginning, but once time The paint will explode when it grows longer or when exposed to the sun.
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