Problems in using color steel plate to prevent fire

Update:09 Jul 2020

(1) Color steel plate products are constantly improving […]

(1) Color steel plate products are constantly improving. If you want to completely prevent fire and use safety, you must choose color steel plates with good fire performance, such as rock wool color steel plates. Such color steel plates are almost incombustible.

(2) During the process of using color steel plate products, it is necessary to stay away from the fire source. If the color steel plate used is a general foam color steel plate, it is best not to build a kitchen in the color steel plate room, so that it will naturally not cause a fire.

(3) Do not use electrical appliances with excessive power and illegal in the color steel plate products, so as to avoid the fire caused by electric leakage, the wires and cables should not pass through the core material of the color steel plate.

(4) Fire extinguishers such as fire extinguishers must be provided in the color steel activity room to facilitate timely extinguishment in case of fire. If the conditions are good, a fire alarm can be installed to facilitate the personnel to quickly escape the fire and avoid casualties.

(5) The distance between the color steel plates must be kept at least 6 meters. This is also very important. Generally, the responsible manufacturers will pay attention to this point. Users should not dismantle the color steel plates without permission, and they must notify the professionals of the manufacturers.

As long as you pay attention to these points when using color steel products, you can reduce the possibility of fire. You must not ignore some details. The fire is likely to be caused by the details. I believe everyone pays attention to these problems. When using color steel products, you must It will be very safe and will not cause a fire.