Preparation of steel structure color steel plate before installation

Update:23 Nov 2019

Check whether the primary and secondary components of t […]

  1. Check whether the primary and secondary components of the steel structure system are aligned and the steel structure is corrected.
    2. Check if all the screw groove of the bolt joint surface is twisted or tightened.
    3. Check whether the refinishing work of the steel structure is completed.
    4. Check if the purlins are straightened and can meet the installation.
    5. Check whether the length of the colored steel plate on the roof wall matches the layout chart and the order form.
    6. Check whether the specifications, thickness, quantity and form of each type of edge material meet the bill of materials.
    7. Test spare parts self-tapping screws, rivets, water-stopping cement, gutter brackets, PE seals, etc.
    8. Check whether the appearance of the color plate is scratched, worn, twisted, contaminated, chromatic, and angled.
    9. Prepare the color plate installation and molding plan.
    10. When the molded roof panel is not installed, it is stacked on the roof truss. All the ribs of the slab should be facing upwards. The slabs should face in the same direction (for easy installation of male and female snaps), and the main components of the steel structure should be fixed with nylon rope or hemp rope. Above, each column of the roof panel is stacked near the steel beam and shall not be placed in the center of the stringer.