Maintenance method for leakage of color steel plate roof(2)

Update:14 Dec 2019

After understanding the structure of the color steel sh […]

After understanding the structure of the color steel sheet roof, possible leakage points and reasons for water leakage, let's talk about the treatment plan. Combining years of construction practice experience, two types of water leakage schemes are proposed:
1.Re-waterproof the roof as a whole
This solution can make the color steel sheet roof form a waterproof layer that is integrally connected. It is recommended to use self-adhesive coils for urban waterproofing. Self-adhesive coil is a kind of waterproof and sealing material that can adhere to the base surface. It is divided into two types: self-adhesive with tire and self-adhesive without tire. It consists of a self-adhesive upper and lower self-adhesive rubber sandwiched with a tire base. The upper surface is a vinyl film and the lower surface is a peelable silicone oil film. Self-adhesive tireless is made up of self-adhesive, upper vinyl film and lower silicone oil film. The product is self-healing, that is, when the coil is punctured or embedded with hard objects, it will automatically integrate with these objects, and still maintain good waterproof performance. Product detailed characteristics see: self-adhesive rubber asphalt waterproof membrane
2. Waterproof the roof screws and fasteners, the overlap of colored steel plates, and the roof tiles. The construction process is as follows: cleaning the base layer → painting the base layer to handle the waterproof material → construction of an additional reinforcing layer → painting the waterproof coating.
The above two schemes can effectively treat the leakage of color steel sheet roof. The specific choice can be judged according to the construction area and other factors.