Leakage problems of color steel roofing

Summary:   Color steel plate roofing has been widely promoted and used in the construction field because of its convenient constr...
  Color steel plate roofing has been widely promoted and used in the construction field because of its convenient construction, high utilization rate and many other characteristics that are better than concrete roofing. In recent years, color steel plate roofs have been widely used in industrial plants, commercial plazas, stadiums, and aviation industries. However, due to the uneven manufacturing and installation levels of enterprises, the leakage problem of the color steel roof is particularly prominent, and waterproofing has become a problem. We have discovered in many years of construction practice that water leakage of the color steel plate roof mainly occurs in the following parts:
Color steel plate
   One, the horizontal and vertical overlap between the metal plate and the plate. At the roof ridge cover;
   2. Fasteners;
   3. The gutter falls into the water, and the overlap between the gutter and the roof slab returns water;
  Four, high and low span. Leakage at the position of roof panel and wallboard, and the connection between parapet wall and metal plate;
   V. Leakage of protruding parts on the metal roof (such as protruding pipes and fan ports):
   6. Leakage at the edge of the lighting belt;
   Seven, leakage around the walls and windows, etc.;
  Combined with our experience, we will discuss with you the causes of leakage:
   1. In the design process, the roof slope is too small, causing rainwater cannot be discharged to the gutter in time, causing water accumulation on the roof, unsmooth drainage, and roof seepage:
2. There is no slope in the lateral direction of the gutter, and the design of the gutter downfall is unreasonable. When heavy rain occurs, the gutter water cannot be drained into the gutter. Return water: the gutter is not in place during the work, which leads to the gutter. Rust and corrosion, or clogging of the drain with garbage, etc., may cause water leakage or water return:
  3. The stepping on the roof during the installation and use of the house causes the fasteners to loosen. The aging of the fastener waterproof pad causes water leakage at the fastener;
  4. Make holes in the roof panel, install various fans, exhaust ducts, etc. The waterproof treatment is not good at the surrounding gaps;
  5. In the course of use, due to the influence of the external environment, wind load, snow load, thermal expansion and contraction, etc., the roof panel is deformed, which causes the expansion of the gap at the lap joint, destroys the original waterproof treatment and causes water leakage;
  6. ​​Unreasonable selection and aging of waterproof materials during the construction process, etc.
So what kind of waterproof material should we choose and how to deal with it in order to truly and systematically solve the waterproof problem of color steel roofing? First of all, we believe that the choice of waterproof material must be different from ordinary and conventional building waterproof materials. Metal roofs are exposed for a long time. Outdoors, natural conditions have a great influence on it, so the waterproof treatment must conform to the characteristics of metal buildings. Waterproof materials should have the following properties:
  A. It must have good bonding performance on the metal surface and cannot fall off;
   B. It must have good elasticity and tensile strength at break to adapt to various vibrations and displacements of the roof:
   C. Low temperature flexibility to ensure product performance at low temperatures:
  D. Must have good weather resistance:
  E. Anti-ultraviolet aging:
  F. It must have good air permeability and breathability;
  G. It must have good characteristics of adapting to various climates, and use a large temperature range to ensure the performance of the product at high and low temperatures and the requirements for temperature difference or sudden cooling and heating;
  H. It is necessary to be able to seamlessly process all kinds of special-shaped parts;
  I. Safety and environmental protection, simple construction, etc.:
   At present, there are many kinds of waterproof materials available in China, but most of them are waterproof materials for concrete buildings, which cannot meet the waterproof characteristics of color steel roofing. Through years of engineering construction practice, combined with the characteristics and waterproof requirements of metal buildings, we have introduced internationally advanced technical formulas and foreign raw material pure liquids to develop a new type of color steel roof waterproof material. The material has an excellent waterproof effect on the color steel plate roof, and seamlessly handles the various waterproof parts of the metal structure building. It is safe and environmentally friendly and easy to construct. It truly solves the various waterproof problems of the metal surface perfectly and systematically.