Is the color steel plate insulated in the winter

Summary: Summer is far away from us, and the pace of autumn is very close. Therefore, we have to plan for the winter warmth of co...

Summer is far away from us, and the pace of autumn is very close. Therefore, we have to plan for the winter warmth of color steel plates. We will continue to study the warmth of color steel plates in winter.

When winter comes, living in your own home always feels very cold. Some people have been turning on the air conditioner or heating system. This has also caused a series of energy waste. The mobile room made of color steel plate is insulated and insulated, which is very environmentally friendly. With such advanced technology, the colors of color steel plates are becoming more and more diverse and more vivid. In the future, the mobile homes made of color steel plates will become wider and wider

The color steel plate is made of special steel and processed by a special process, so it needs very good maintenance. Today, I will introduce the maintenance method of color steel plate in winter.

The color steel plate is made of basalt and other natural ores as the main raw materials. The color steel plate is melted into fiber at high temperature, added with an appropriate amount of binder, and solidified. Color steel plate products are suitable for thermal insulation and sound insulation of industrial equipment, construction, and ships.

In winter, the color steel plate of the exterior wall is the most bad season. How should we maintain the color steel plate in this season.

First of all, we should fully understand this product. Pay attention to the weather forecast at any time and grasp the temperature changes. If the weather is cold and rainy or snowy, construction should be stopped immediately.

Judging from the current temperature, if the maintenance of the color steel composite board is not done well, it is easy to be unusable next year and need to be replaced. As the temperature drops, the foaming and curing time of styrofoam is prolonged, so the board is polished during construction. The sewing time should also be extended to avoid sanding before the styrofoam has cured.

Is the color steel plate insulated in winter? The method is:

First, use non-combustible materials such as cement foam and rock wool with good fire resistance as the core material, and avoid using polystyrene, polyurethane, etc. as the core material. After the board house is built, there should be no core material exposed on the external visible part.

The second is that the number of floors in the new color steel house should not exceed the second floor, and try to control it on the first floor.

The third is to keep a certain distance from the steel plate during use.

Fourth, the wires and cables should not pass through the core material. If they need to pass through, a protective sleeve should be added. The sockets and switch boxes should be metal galvanized boxes and surface-mounted methods.

Fifth, fire-fighting equipment should be intact and effective, and fire alarms should be installed if conditions permit to facilitate quick evacuation of personnel.

Sixth, the office area, living area and work area should be set up separately, and a certain safe distance should be maintained between the color steel plate houses.