Why is color steel plate so popular

Summary: 1. Color steel plate coating is a product made of cold-rolled steel plate and galvanized steel coil, which is coated (ro...
1. Color steel plate coating is a product made of cold-rolled steel plate and galvanized steel coil, which is coated (roller coating) or composite organic film (PVC film, etc.) after surface chemical treatment, and then baked and cured. Some people also call this product "pre-rolled color steel plate" and "plastic color steel plate". Color plate products are produced in coils by manufacturers on a continuous production line, so they are also called color-coated steel coils. Color steel plate not only has the properties of high mechanical strength and easy forming of steel materials, but also has good decoration and corrosion resistance of coating materials. Color steel plate is an emerging material respected in the world today. With the advancement of science and technology, the enhancement of environmental awareness, and the improvement of people's living standards, color steel prefab houses are increasingly showing strong vitality and broad market prospects. and other industries.

2. The color steel prefab house has the advantages of light weight, high strength, thermal insulation, beautiful and durable, etc. It is a high-level building and installation that integrates construction and decoration. The color steel prefab house is clean in construction and is widely used in large-span workshops, warehouses, office buildings, villas, roof additions, air purification rooms, cold storage, shops, kiosks and temporary housing. Light color steel sandwich panels with a weight of less than 14KG per square meter can fully reduce the structural load and reduce the structural cost of the prefab.

1. The color steel sandwich panel product is composed of two layers of formed metal panels (or panels of other materials) and a polymer thermal insulation core directly foamed and cured in the middle of the panels. These finished sandwich panels are easy to install, lightweight and efficient. The filling system also uses a closed-cell molecular structure, which can prevent the condensation of water vapor. The forming of the outer layer steel plate fully considers the structure and strength requirements, and takes into account the aesthetics, and the inner surface layer is formed into a flat plate to meet various needs. Metal panel and non-metal panel. Metal panels are easy to process and can be made into various shapes, but in some cases, non-metal panels have functions that metal panels cannot, such as corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

2. Color steel sandwich panels are widely used in large industrial plants, warehouses, gymnasiums, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storages, mobile rooms, building layers, clean workshops and places that require thermal insulation and fire prevention. The color steel sandwich panel is beautiful in appearance, bright in color and good in overall effect. It integrates load-bearing, heat preservation, fire prevention and waterproofing, and does not require secondary decoration. It is fast and convenient to install, has a short construction period and has good comprehensive benefits. It is a widely used product. , a highly efficient and environmentally friendly building material with great potential.