Color-coated rolls are baked and cooled products

Summary: Color-coated coils have achieved major achievements such as replacing soil with steel, high-efficiency construction, sav...
Color-coated coils have achieved major achievements such as replacing soil with steel, high-efficiency construction, saving resources, and avoiding environmental pollution. In the color-coated coil sales market, the demand for home appliances will also increase significantly. At this stage, there are more than 600 kinds of color-coated coils at a good price , and also enables consumers to control costs and reduce environmental pollution.

The color-coated coils are made of cold-rolled steel strips and galvanized steel coils (phosphatized and hot-dip galvanized) as the base carbon steel sheets in the continuous diesel generator set. Coating method, coated with one or two layers of liquid industrial paint, after baking and refrigeration, is the coated carbon steel plate. In my country, the back (primer) paint is rubbed against the surface (face photo) paint coating. Generally, in China, it is one layer of back paint and two layers of paint. In overseas work, the paint and back paint are all two layers. Because the coating can have a variety of different colors, the coated carbon steel plate is involuntarily called the colorful coated carbon steel plate.

Generally speaking, the raw materials used for color-coated coils on the market at this stage are cold-rolled-based carbon steel sheets, hot-dip galvanized-based carbon steel sheets, phosphating-based carbon steel sheets, and hot-dip galvanized sheet-based carbon steel sheets. Color-coated coils are widely used in various fields such as engineering and construction, home appliances, vehicles, furniture and light industrial products, and many related professional capabilities will be brought to you again. Therefore, when designing the scheme, if the slope of the roof is larger, it will be less likely to accumulate dust and other wastes, and the service life will be longer; for such areas or locations that are not easily removed by precipitation, domestic water should be removed on time.


With high anti-rust performance, they are popular used in construction, automobile, and household appliances. For example: roof, roof components, refrigerators, air conditions, dustbin, and billboards, etc.

Port: Zhejiang, China

Standard:ASTM, GB, JIS

Surface Treatment:galvanized

Special Use:silicon steel

Type:Steel Coil

Technique:Cold Rolled

Color:RAL Standard

Payment:L/C, T/T

Packing:Export Standard