Color steel plate fence manufacturing method and construction steps

Summary: Building enclosures generally use color steel materials, so what are the production methods and construction steps for c...
Building enclosures generally use color steel materials, so what are the production methods and construction steps for color steel enclosures? Color steel fence refers to taking measures to isolate the construction site from the external environment, so that the construction site forms a relatively closed space, including the use of various masonry materials to build walls, and the use of various molding plate curing bodies.

production process:

Its components are: back plate, column, horizontal pipe, column lining, horizontal pipe lining, flange.

Its specifications are as follows:

28.5 × 22MM PVC gusset plate for back plate; 120 × 120 PVC pipe for column, 50 × 80 PVC pipe for horizontal pipe,

2.5×3.0m currently adopts the welded flange of the steel pipe at the bottom of the column.

Construction steps of color steel enclosure structure:

1. It is necessary to plan the building area and make a general frame, generally laying galvanized iron sheets for light steel keels, or using scrap light steel scrap walls, or using fixed piles to roughly distribute the installation routes.

2. When installing, it must be installed in sequence, so that each connection can be compatible, so as to avoid the problem of gap or connection.

3. The tenon wire or u-nail stopper is fixed in sequence (the fixed spacing is 30-1250px), and the fixing of the edge and each seam should be relatively dense, which is also to make it have a longer service life.

1. Surrounding and shielding of urban construction sites. Play the role of beautification, neatness and unity. Now in the basic construction of the city, will be used. The height of the enclosure is generally more than 2 meters, the common ones are 2 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, or 12 meters higher, etc. The surface of the enclosure and the project renderings and publicity pictures are posted. Or do public service advertisements in the city. The height of the enclosure is less than 4 meters, a single column is generally used, and the underground excavation foundation is about 1 meter. , the column diameter is 140mm or 189mm. The height of the enclosure is more than 4 meters, and the double-column type is generally adopted. The underground deep foundation pit has the function of height adjustment and adjustment. The diameter of the twin columns varies from 114mm to 219mm. The surface of galvanized tiles is generally 0.5mm thick.

2. The traditional coatings are divided into several categories. The high-end fluorocarbon coating has a corrosion time of nearly 20 years. It is generally distributed from steel mills to various places in the form of rolls. The color steel plate we often see refers to the processed plate with a thickness of about 50~100mm. It is composed of intermediate packaging and color steel plates on both sides. The thickness of the color plate is 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, etc. The middle layer can be polyurethane, rock wool or foamed plastic. Due to the special profiles, the construction speed of the factory building with color steel plates is very fast (such as SARS Xiaotangshan Hospital), but the strength is low. The substrates of color-coated steel sheets include cold-rolled substrates, hot-dip galvanized substrates and electro-galvanized substrates. Coating types can be divided into polyester, silicone modified polyester, vinylidene fluoride and plastisol. The surface state of color-coated steel plates can be divided into coated plates, embossed plates and printing plates.