How to select color coated steel coils specifically

Summary: The planning of color coated rolls also puts forward requirements for the production and application of high-end color c...
The planning of color coated rolls also puts forward requirements for the production and application of high-end color coated roll varieties. Among them, the imported high-strength and high toughness automotive color coated rolls, silicon color coated rolls, and other varieties have achieved large-scale production, with a domestic market share of over 90%; The self-sufficiency rate of high-end products such as marine corrosion resistant color coated coils, low-temperature pressure vessel plates, high-speed railway wheel and axle color coated coils, and high-pressure boiler tubes reached 80%.
It is made of color steel plates with a width of approximately 1 meter, and the length is based on the size required by the customer. The production process includes pre-treatment process of steel strip, primer coating process, primer baking process, topcoat coating process, topcoat baking process, and traction winding process. With the continuous development of various industries, color coated rolls are the mainstream in the construction field, and this product has multiple outstanding performance.
Its high strength can be used as a load-bearing, compressive, and bending resistant plate for the ceiling enclosure structure. It has rich colors and can meet the different requirements of users. Easy to form performance, combined with excellent decorative and corrosion resistance of coating materials. Color coated steel coil is a type of steel coil with good decorative properties. When purchasing, we not only need to pay attention to its performance, but also carefully inspect its appearance. Below, the manufacturer of color coated steel coils will teach you how to select them specifically.
The color coated steel coil board is named after being coated with various organic coatings of different colors, abbreviated as color coated coil. The coating used for the color coating roll should be selected according to the different usage environments, such as polyester silicon modified polyester, polyvinyl chloride plastic sol, polyvinylidene chloride, etc. Users can choose according to their usage.
Reflecting human progress in the struggle against corrosion in nature through the use of steel products. Nowadays, with continuous improvement, color coated rolls have been applied in a wider range of fields, not only in the construction industry, but also in the electrical industry, such as refrigerators and air conditioners.