How to identify the quality of the color coated board

Update:23 Mar 2019

The identification of iron materials is more complicate […]

The identification of iron materials is more complicated. Without professional equipment, on-site scientific identification is almost impossible, but there are also some simple and intuitive methods introduced to everyone:
1. Don't think that the lower the price, the better. One point is worth the price. As the saying goes, "Only buy the wrong one, there is no mistake." Generally speaking, the price is lower than 3 yuan, which can basically be judged to be recycled steel. Even a considerable number of brands are under pressure from market competition, and they are willing to reduce the cost by using recycled steel or OEM. Of course, we must also guard against profiters, shoddy retail prices, and give consumers a larger discount. Many consumers are easy to do this.
2, use the finger to hit the color steel plate, the material of the color steel plate is better, crisp, the material is boring, the metal sound is not obvious.
3. Observe whether the exposed steel plate such as the section is crystallized and fine, whether it is gray, dark and impurities.
4. Observe the thickness of the coating or film of the product and the thickness of the substrate. The layer of the good-selling Shandong plate is basically only 0.02~0.03mm, and the thickness of the film is usually only 0.15mm. The inferior color steel plate is often on the steel substrate. And the color steel plate coating or coating on the hands and feet, usually to reduce the thickness of the steel substrate, and spray a few coats on the steel substrate or use a very thick film, and even some color steel plate steel on the market The substrate is only 0.15mm and the film is 0.4mm. If the color steel plate substrate is too thin, the coating or the film is too thick, the performance of the aluminum plate will be degraded.