Fire resistance and data reference of color steel plate

Summary: I. scope of application Color steel sandwich panel is a new type of multi-functional building board, which has the chara...

I. scope of application
Color steel sandwich panel is a new type of multi-functional building board, which has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, light weight, waterproof, earthquake resistance, decoration, etc. It is widely used in non-load-bearing walls, roofs, ceilings and industrial and civil buildings The wall panel of the single-story combined house is suitable for the partition and suspended ceiling of clean workshops such as machinery, electronics, chemicals, medicine, biology, food, and sanitation.
2. Specification and performance of color steel sandwich panel:
1. This color steel sandwich panel often uses a tongue-and-groove insertion type. It has the advantages of convenient installation, time saving, material saving, good flatness and high strength. It is especially suitable for ceiling and partition systems.
2. Thickness (mm): three kinds of 50, 75, 100;
3. Length (mm): Due to continuous molding production, the length of the board can be determined according to user needs;
4. Width (mm): 1150 (1200)
5. Core material performance:
A. Polystyrene bulk density: ≥15kg / m3 thermal conductivity ≤0.036W / m.K Maximum operating temperature: about 100 oC
B. Rock wool bulk density: ≥110kg / m3 thermal conductivity: ≤0.043W / m.K maximum operating temperature: about 500 oC
Class A A, 950 corrugated sandwich panel
Integrates corrugated board and sandwich panel, which is three times stronger than ordinary flat color steel sandwich panel The service life of the board; the board-to-board connection adopts the buckle type, which is convenient for construction and improves the efficiency.
B. Rock wool thermal insulation color steel sandwich panel
The core material is made of basalt and other natural ores as the main raw materials, melted into fibers by high temperature, added with an appropriate amount of binder, and solidified. The product is suitable for thermal insulation and sound insulation of industrial equipment, buildings, ships, etc., and is also suitable for ceilings and partitions in clean rooms, explosion-proof and fireproof workshops.
C. PU polyurethane color steel sandwich panel
The bonding strength of the sandwich panel is not less than 0.09MPa, the combustion performance of the sandwich panel reaches B1 level, and the bending capacity of the sandwich panel is Lo / 200 (Lo is the distance between supports). Not less than 0.5Kn / m2.