Decorative effect of color coated board and other products

Summary: The color coated plate is basically composed of a color steel sheet substrate, a plating layer and a coating layer....

The color coated plate is basically composed of a color steel sheet substrate, a plating layer and a coating layer. It can be seen from the structure that the color coated plate is a composite material, that is, a composite of a steel material and an organic material. Therefore, it has the advantages of both: that it has high mechanical strength of the steel sheet, easy forming property, and good decorative property and corrosion resistance of the coating material.

Since the color coated board is produced on a large, high-speed, modern continuous unit, the coating performance is better than that of the conventional molded product, and the product cost is reduced by about 5-10%, and the environmental pollution of the product factory is reduced. To save investment in pretreatment and coating equipment of product factories and save energy.

Compared with ordinary steel plates, color coated plates can be called high value-added products. The main advantages are as follows: high strength steel has superior strength/weight ratio, and the tensile strength of building roof and steel window color coated plate is about 300MPa, high. The strength of the color coated plate can reach more than 500MPa.

The use of high-strength plates for color-coated plates can greatly reduce the thickness of the steel plates, thereby reducing the weight of the steel structure and saving steel. Compared with aluminum alloy, the color coated board has more advantages in strength. For two materials of the same thickness, the color coated board can withstand more than twice the force of the aluminum alloy.

Good corrosion resistance, long service life Generally, steel is very easy to rust. After oiling, the steel can be rusted for several months. Paint can usually guarantee rust for 2-3 years, and the steel is hot-dip galvanized. Roller coating greatly improves the corrosion resistance of steel. Good processability The color coated plate can be cut, punched, bent, folded and many other processes.
Good decorative color The color coated board is rich in color and decorative, which is incomparable to ordinary steel plate and aluminum alloy plate.