Color steel sandwich panel specifications and performance

Summary: 1, Color steel sandwich board, often use the mouth insert type, it has the advantages of convenient installation, t...

1, Color steel sandwich board, often use the mouth insert type, it has the advantages of convenient installation, time-saving, material saving, flatness, high strength, especially for ceiling, partition system.
2, Thickness (mm): 50-250;
3, Length (mm): due to continuous molding production, the length of the plate can be determined according to user needs;
4, Width (mm): 1150 (1200) (960) (950)
5, The core material properties: A, polystyrene volume density of more than or equal to the maximum use temperature of 15kg/m3 thermal conductivity is less than or equal to 0.036W/m.K: about 1000C.
B and rock volume density more than 120kg/m3: thermal conductivity: maximum temperature is less than or equal to 0.043W/m.K: about 500 oC A| noncombustion: B1 B and noncombustion: a
A, 950 sets of corrugated steel sandwich board corrugated board and sandwich plate in one plane than ordinary steel sandwich plate strength increased by three times, using hidden self drilling screws with truss connection, exposed part without damaging the color coated steel sandwich panel, prolong the service life; the board and the board connected with cap, convenient construction, improve the efficiency, the biggest characteristic is not easy to water.
B, rock wool thermal insulation color steel sandwich board, its core material is basalt and other natural ore as the main raw material, high temperature melt into the fiber, adding a proper amount of binder, curing processing and made. The product is suitable for industrial equipment, building, ship insulation, sound insulation, etc., and suitable for clean room, explosion-proof fire workshop ceiling, partition and so on.
C, PU polyurethane steel sandwich plate sandwich plate bonding strength is not less than 0.09MPa, sandwich board combustion performance level B1, the flexural deflection force of the panels is Lo/200 (Lo is the distance between the bearings), sandwich plate bending capacity of not less than 0.5Kn/m2
The color steel composite board heat insulating materials used are: rock wool, glass fiber cotton, polystyrene (EPS), polyurethane, low thermal conductivity, thus the housing, integrated housing, steel structure workshop has good thermal insulation effect. High strength color steel plate uses high strength steel plate as base material (tensile strength 5600kg/cm), plus the most advanced design and roll forming. Therefore, color steel plate movable room has excellent structural characteristics.