Color steel sandwich panel related terms

Update:29 Oct 2020

Sandwich panel: a self-supporting composite panel compo […]

Sandwich panel: a self-supporting composite panel composed of bimetallic surfaces and an insulating core material bonded between the two metal surfaces.

Steel substrate: Steel plate or steel strip used to coat paint.

Coating material: A liquid material that is applied to the surface of the substrate and can form a coating with protection, decoration and other special functions (such as: anti-fouling, heat insulation, mildew, insulation, etc.). It usually consists of four components: film-forming substances, solvents, pigments and additives.

Fireproof limit: under the conditions of standard fire test, the period of time from the effect of fire to the loss of stability, integrity or heat insulation of a building component, fitting or structure.

Bond strength bond strength: the maximum load when the surface material of the metal sandwich panel per unit area is separated from the core material. The unit is MPa.

Flexural loading capacity: The metal surface sandwich panel is loaded when the required deflection is reached after loading under the condition of standard support spacing. The unit is KN/m2.

Non-thermal damage non-thermal damage: damage to articles and equipment that are not caused by the release of heat from combustion in a fire. It is an important item in fire damage, especially in clean room fire damage. Common non-thermal damage is the corrosion of valuables and equipment by the combination of fire smoke and fire water to form acid mist.

Smoke damage index (SDI): The product of soot yield and FM fire propagation index (FPI), which represents the degree of damage caused by fire smoke to the clean room environment, in units of (m/s1/2) /(KW/m) 2/3.