Color steel sandwich panel installation process

Summary: 1. Familiar with the drawings, carefully review the color steel plate layout, node requirements, the relationship betwee...

1. Familiar with the drawings, carefully review the color steel plate layout, node requirements, the relationship between the color steel plate and the building, the color of the color steel plate itself, the filler, the basic size requirements, the size and layout of the doors and windows in the color steel plate partition, and auxiliary materials The type and other content.

2. Secondary board drawing, this is an important step in the prefabrication and installation of color steel sheet. It is to transform the design drawings into the second processing in the factory. The standard specification boards are made into different types of wall panels and combined to reflect the design intent. The intermediate conversion diagram of the color steel plate is produced, and standard plates are produced in the color steel plate factory, and assembled at the construction site, which can ensure the firmness of the wall panels, speed up the installation speed of the color steel plates and save materials.

3. When prefabricating in the factory, based on experience, the gaps and installation margins between door openings, window openings and seams are fully considered, and factory inspectors are set to spot check the flatness of the plates produced in the factory and the plate insertion interfaces. During the entire transportation, production and installation process, prevent scratches, heavy pressure and surface impact to prevent uncorrectable pits and scratches. The plastic protective film on both sides of the color steel plate is only allowed to be removed after the installation is completed and thorough cleaning is performed.

4. The laying out work before the installation of the color steel plate should be carried out after the ground (floor) surface is completed, and other relevant conditions for installation such as larger equipment has been transported in place, the underground pipeline has been adjusted, and the main installation work of the technical interlayer is basically It can be proceeded only after completion. Pay-off is to draw horizontal projection of color steel plate (50mm wide) and the position of doors and windows on the ground. The center lines of the upper and lower mangers should be on the same vertical plane and the error should be within 1.0%, which is 3mm.

5. The upper and lower mangers (purified aluminum troughs) are installed. The lower mangers generally use aluminum alloy profiles with inner and outer R angles (the construction requirements in the drawing paper are determined). Fix it on the line drawn on the ground with nails or self-powered screws and plastic glue. The position of the self-powered screws of the nails should be 1.2-1.5m in a straight line, and the corners and terminals should be 0.2m away from the side. Use if necessary. For the waterproof rubber strip, put two rubber strips (Ф2-3) under the groove before shooting the nails, and form a waterproof isolation seal after the nail shooting or self-powered screws are fixed. The upper manger is made of pressed trough aluminum. When the ceiling is hard, it is fixed on the top plate with a nail gun or self-powered screws. When the ceiling is soft, it is suspended under the floor with a boom. The height is subject to the ceiling height.

6. The thin vertical wall panels are assembled into prefabricated components according to the layout drawing, and the adjacent wall panels are locked by fixed plug-ins between the special interface plate components. It is worth paying special attention to cooperating with electric concealed pipelines and boxes while assembling the wall panels. The wall panels should be vertical, and the vertical seams should be tight. The smaller the gap, the more beautiful it is. The vertical seams should be even, with a gap of 3mm. During operation, carefully clean the protective film on the vertical seam and temporarily uncover 3cm-4cm, and never remove all of it. Clean up the sundries in the tank and the glue solidified hard blocks. Otherwise, it will be difficult to adjust the vertical seam uniformly and densely with no amount of force.

7. Mounted ceiling board: The weight support of the ceiling board is fixed on the periphery of the vertical board and the T-shaped aluminum suspended in the middle, and the T-shaped aluminum is connected to the sky with a full-wire screw and hook flower basket. The long side seam is fixed and reinforced by fixed inserts, and the short side is fixed by T-shaped aluminum and connecting plate blind rivets.

The suspended flat roof strives to be flat, the plate seam is dense and uniform, smooth, no traces, and no injuries. Note the operation of the same standing wall.

8. Color steel plate-clad columns, boxes, and columns in the purification zone are wrapped with б=50 color steel plates to use uniform outer cylindrical columns. When installing the window, make sure that the aluminum alloy groove of the window and the aluminum alloy crimping cut are kept the same. When installing the door, you must pay attention to the opening direction. The door closer should adjust the opening speed and force. Generally, the first half of the door is fast, the second half of the torque is small, and the speed is slow to reduce the impact and noise of the door.

9. Sealing silica gel: In the purification area, all the following gaps that may affect the cleanliness should be coated with sealing silica: the splicing seams between the color steel plates, all the gaps between the R corners and the wall panels and the ceiling; air conditioning ducts, air outlets , The gap between the high-efficiency filter and the wall top plate; the gap between the protection pipe groove and the edge of the opening of the electrical passage through the wall plate top plate; the gap between all switch socket lamps and the top plate surface of the color steel plate; all processes, water supply and drainage, protection pipe The gap between the opening; the gap between the glass and the frame;

The sealing silica gel should be installed on the color plate basically, and the sanitary conditions are good. After thorough cleaning and dust removal, proceed in a unified manner. Otherwise, the silicone seam is easy to be polluted and blackened. Within 24 hours after the silica gel is finished, there should not be a lot of dust and water washing the ground, which may affect the curing and fastness of the sealing silica gel.


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