Color steel plate product fire prevention precautions

Update:17 May 2019

The use of color steel plate products knows that fire p […]

The use of color steel plate products knows that fire prevention is the biggest problem. The news about the fire of color steel plates can be described as a continuous stream. In fact, the most fundamental problem is not the quality of products, but whether the products selected are appropriate and whether they are used. This is very important. Here are a few suggestions for fire protection for color steel plates.
(1) Color steel plate products are constantly improving. If you want to completely prevent fire and use it safely, you must use color steel plates with good fireproof performance, such as rock wool color steel plates. Such color steel plates are almost non-flammable. This kind of product has been widely used, and used customers have said it well.
(2) In the process of using color steel plate products, it is necessary to stay away from fire sources. If the color steel plate used is a general foam color steel plate, it is best not to build a kitchen in the color steel plate room, so that it will naturally not cause fire when it is away from the fire source.
(3) Do not use excessively high power and illegal electrical appliances in the color steel plate products, so as to avoid fires caused by electric leakage, it is best not to traverse the wire and cable from the core material of the color steel plate.
(4) There must be fire extinguishing equipment such as fire extinguishers in the movable room of the color steel plate to facilitate the fire in time. If the conditions are good, fire alarms can be installed to facilitate the rapid escape of the fire and avoid casualties.
If you use color steel plate products, pay attention to these points of attention, you can reduce the possibility of fire. You must not ignore some details. The fire is likely to be caused by the details. I believe everyone pays attention to these problems. When using color steel plate products, it must be It will be safe and will not cause a fire.