Color steel plate has extensive development in the future

Summary: Color steel plate is an organic coated steel plate, which is common in both the construction industry and the transporta...

Color steel plate is an organic coated steel plate, which is common in both the construction industry and the transportation industry. Of course, we are seeing commercial buildings such as factory buildings and warehouses built with color steel plates. A commercial investigation by a Chongqing private detective company found that due to the numerous factory expansions and other uses in recent years, huge market demand has promoted a large number of color steel plate plants. The color steel plate is characterized by good corrosion resistance, it can be anticorrosive for almost 20 years, and its appearance is beautiful. The most important thing is its convenient construction. Although it has the strength of steel plates, it is cheaper than steel plates. Therefore, it is widely used in many commercial buildings.

For the current construction industry, the new building materials have obvious advantages, and the development prospects are very optimistic. The same is true for the sandwich color steel plate. The core material is also divided into six types, which are The benzene sandwich panel is the EPS sandwich panel, which is also the most widely used variety in the market. There are also extruded polystyrene sandwich panels, which are the XPS sandwich panels, and rigid polyurethane sandwich panels, which are the PU sandwich panels. Board, three polyester sandwich board is PIR sandwich board, phenolic sandwich board is PF sandwich board, rock wool sandwich board is RW sandwich board.

The more classification it has, the more widely it can be used. In fact, the characteristics of the sandwich color steel plate also have great advantages. The first is that it is light in weight and weighs less than 24 kg per square meter, which can fully reduce the structure. The cost is followed by the fast and light installation of the sandwich color steel plate. The characteristics of plugging, installation and free cutting determine the ease of installation, which can improve efficiency and save construction time. It is also very important. It is fireproof and fire resistant. , The ability is also very strong. The surface material and heat insulation material of the color steel composite core board are non-combustible or flame-resistant materials, which can meet the requirements of fire protection regulations. The color steel plate with special coating treatment is guaranteed to be new for 10-15 years, and the life of the plate is more than 35 years. After spraying anticorrosive coatings every ten years, the advantages of all sandwich color steel plates combined with its characteristics will definitely have a very broad market.

Sandwich color steel plate can be used in large industrial plants, warehouses, gyms, supermarkets, hospitals, cold storage, mobile homes, building additions, clean workshops and places that need heat insulation and fire protection. The sandwich panel has a beautiful appearance, beautiful color, and overall The effect is good. It integrates load-bearing, heat insulation, fire prevention and waterproofing, and the sandwich color steel plate does not need secondary decoration.