Color steel coil processing technology

Update:05 Jan 2021

Regarding how to deal with the color difference of colo […]

Regarding how to deal with the color difference of color steel coils, people use gas to supply the temperature of the drying box in the production line equipment, so that the temperature of the drying box is balanced, and the time range temperature difference is not easy to occur, and the paint must be evenly balanced before production. Regarding the missing coating of color steel coils, people can know that the missing coating is caused by the substrate swimming, deformation, air oxidation and so on.

Color steel coil

Color steel coils use high-quality substrates. No matter which painting process is selected, the technical standards for substrates are getting higher and higher. Most steel-based color steel coils require leveling spangles, zero-spangle hot-dip galvanized steel coils or phosphating steel coils. In recent years, it has been upgraded to use hot-dip galvanized aluminum, aluminum-zinc and other aluminum alloy coated thick steel plates as substrates The development trend of the glass film color steel coil is cold rolled as the substrate, and some high-end products also use stainless steel as the substrate. No matter which substrate is selected, there are very high requirements for its surface layer, board type and specification accuracy.

Improve the normalized processing technology. The normalized processing makes the substrate and the architectural coating more inextricably coordinated with each other. The new normalized processing processing system software is selected to improve the reliability of the normalized processing liquid and improve the color steel Anti-corrosion and flexibility of the roll, together to reduce air pollution.