Color coated steel plate substrate type of color coated plate

Update:10 Sep 2020

The color plate produced by the cold-rolled substrate h […]

The color plate produced by the cold-rolled substrate has a smooth and beautiful appearance, and has the processing performance of a cold-rolled plate; but any small scratches on the surface coating will expose the cold-rolled substrate to the air, so that the iron exposed quickly Red rust is formed. Therefore, these products can only be used for temporary isolation measures and indoor materials that are not demanding.

Hot-dip galvanized color coated steel sheet

The product obtained by coating the organic paint on the hot-dip galvanized steel sheet is the hot-dip galvanized color coated steel sheet. In addition to the protective effect of zinc, the hot-dip galvanized color-coated sheet also has an organic coating on the surface to insulate and protect and prevent rust, and the service life is longer than that of the hot-dip galvanized sheet. The zinc content of the hot-dip galvanized substrate is generally 180g/m2 (double-sided), and the maximum zinc content of the hot-dip galvanized substrate for building exterior is 275g/m2.

Hot-dip aluminum-zinc color coated sheet

According to requirements, hot-dip aluminum-zinc steel sheets can also be used as color-coated substrates (55% AI-Zn and 5% AI-Zn).

Electro-galvanized color coated sheet

The electro-galvanized sheet is used as the substrate, and the product obtained by coating with organic paint and baking is electro-galvanized color-coated sheet. Because the zinc layer of the electro-galvanized sheet is thin, the zinc content is usually 20/20g/m2, so this product is not suitable for use Make walls, roofs, etc. outdoors. But because of its beautiful appearance and excellent processing performance, it can be mainly used for home appliances, audio, steel furniture, interior decoration, etc.