Color board fire resistance

Update:09 Oct 2017

(1) on the coating of fire, there is no corresponding s […]

(1) on the coating of fire, there is no corresponding standard GB, apply other methods, because the color plate has high temperature curing, high temperature resistance is better than self-drying coating.
   (2) the structure of the fire resistance of many factors, such as the strength of steel, thickness and pressure plate plate type, the strength of the steel plate in the ASTM792 standard high temperature steel (HTS) requirements, yield strength 275 - 380MPa, Pull strength 360--460MPa.
   (3) corrosion resistance, the general building with color coated board in the substrate coating and coating double protection, with strong corrosion resistance, weather resistance, so that ordinary paint life of ten times.
   (4) shock resistance, because the color coated steel plate with a greater strength, weight lighter than the brick structure, with strong seismic resistance.
   (5) bending degree, good rolling forming, with good processing performance.
   (6) has a beautiful appearance, decorative and impressive.