Clever way to clean the color coated board

Summary: In the whole process of production, manufacturing, development and design, residual detection in the surrounding air wil...
In the whole process of production, manufacturing, development and design, residual detection in the surrounding air will be encountered. Therefore, our color palette maintenance teacher will clean it on time after a long time. We often use two methods in our daily life: cleaning and degreasing, and solving and applying various organic chemical cleaning agents. Oil removal and purification is the key process of industrial chemical water treatment. Used to remove dissolved aqueous solution, soap feet, lotion and water. The mechanical equipment can effectively remove the appearance oil stain, prepreg substrate and external particles.

At present, the organic chemical cleaning solution used in the production line of most companies is composed of complexing agent, surfactant with different shapes, sodium hydroxide solution, ferric chloride solution, and polybasic acid. It is an alkaline aqueous solution in natural environment. The key to the actual effect of cleaning and degreasing is the cleanliness value, temperature of the cleaning solution and the cleaning time of the nylon belt. Pay attention to the whole cleaning process, and control the concentration and temperature of the cleaning solution. The concentration value of the cleaning solution is too low, and the oil performance on the surface of the plate is not clean, which causes some defects in solving the problems of the organic chemical coating, thereby endangering the technical quality of the coating; the false concentration value is too high, and the zinc and aluminum often contained in the galvanized steel plate belong to the amphoteric metal. In hot alkaline solution. The surface layer of zinc aluminum layer will easily and systematically produce bitter salt, resulting in more serious erosion. So as to immediately endanger the actual effect of organic chemical surface coating.

Organic chemical detergent solution generally contains an external surfactant. Various external experimental reagents will lead to different temperature characteristics. If the temperature is too high, the reliability of the surfactant will continue to decrease. If the temperature is too low, the development trend of saponification reaction is relatively slow, and the oil stain cannot be completely eliminated. In addition, there is a big problem: data cleaning.

In addition, the high temperature of clean wave will accelerate the diffusion corrosion of zinc aluminum layer. The above are the cleaning methods that can be often used by color coated plate manufacturers. Adhere to the cleaning of color coated steel plates throughout the coating process, so as not to delay the use of color coated steel plates, so as to ensure the normal use of goods and improve productivity!