Can you physically store color coated rolls

Summary: With the increasing use rate of color coated roll, its quality is also getting higher and higher. Because of its unique ...
With the increasing use rate of color coated roll, its quality is also getting higher and higher. Because of its unique advantages, it has been widely used. To make better use of it, let's take a look at the physical storage indicators of color coated rolls.

The color coated coil is mainly made by pressing the color coated coil. Before installing the next steel plate, each color coated coil must be completely fixed. The fixing must start from the center of the color coating roller to prevent moisture during storage, then extend to both sides, and finally fix the overlapping edge of the color coating roller. It has become an increasingly popular new building material. The working quality determines the coating quality and directly affects the physical storage indexes such as flexibility and impact resistance of the coating.

In addition to the protection of zinc, the organic coating on the plate also plays a role in insulation protection and preventing rust during storage. The service life of the color coated coil is longer than that of the hot-dip galvanized plate. For the roofs, walls and doors mainly used in steel structure plants, airports, warehouses, refrigeration and other industries and trade buildings in the construction industry, few civil buildings use color steel plates. The storage position of the color coated roll shall be reasonably arranged to facilitate access and minimize unnecessary movement. The passivation film thickness of color coating is not monitored, so the passivation quality cannot be guaranteed. When the color coated roll is stored in damp, the board surface will be changed, resulting in scratch and paint loss during molding. The epoxy self leveling floor or advanced wear-resistant plastic floor can be used as the board surface, and the anti-static type can be selected if there are anti-static requirements.

The above is about the physical storage indicators of the color coated roll. You can understand that good results can only be achieved by following the correct operation methods in the use process. If you do not understand, you can call for advice. We will give you reasonable suggestions according to your actual requirements to avoid unnecessary trouble in blind operation.