Basic characteristics of color steel plate

Update:02 Dec 2020

Color steel plate refers to color coated steel plate, w […]

Color steel plate refers to color coated steel plate, which is a steel plate with organic coating. Color steel plates are divided into single plates, color steel composite plates, floor decks, etc. It is widely used in the wall and roof of large public buildings, public factories, prefabricated houses, and integrated houses.

The steel structure factory shares with you the basic characteristics of the color steel plate:

1. Light weight: 10-14 kg/m2, equivalent to 1/30 of a brick wall.

2. Thermal insulation: thermal conductivity of core material: λ<=0.041w/mk.

3. High strength: it can be used as a load-bearing board for ceiling enclosure structure, resisting bending and compressing; beams and columns are not used in general houses.

4. Bright color: no surface decoration is required, and the anti-corrosion layer of the color galvanized steel plate can be maintained for 10-15 years.

5. Flexible and quick installation: the construction period can be shortened by more than 40%.

6. Oxygen Index: (OI) 32.0 (Provincial Fire Products Quality Inspection Station)