Avoid the misunderstanding of color steel plate specifications

Summary: In the dazzling market, there are various types of color steel plate specifications, which constitute a layer of puzzles...

In the dazzling market, there are various types of color steel plate specifications, which constitute a layer of puzzles in the choice, which has plagued many buyers, especially in the era of fake competition.Today's color steel sheet specifications are really varied. In the market, there have been a wide selection of single-layer color steel plates, rock wool color steel plates, sandwich color steel plates, foam color steel plates, tongue-and-groove color steel plates, etc.

The quality characteristics are similar, and basically have the rigidity and flexibility to replace other building materials. In this color steel plate specification, many people think that all color steel plates are non-flammable. In fact, many color steel plates are flammable when temperature Above 1500 degrees Celsius, the color steel plate will burn, but it will not burn intensely, causing a lot of harm.

Of course, there is no absolute thing in the world. The inferior color steel plate, the spray paint and raw materials used do not meet the national standards, which not only can not stop burning. It may also lead to raging fires. Such unqualified building materials are used in warehouses and other places. Once a fire breaks out, these colored steel plates become the culprit of ignition sources.Therefore, when selecting the color steel plate specifications, it is very important to check the quality of the color steel plate. It is not cheap to be tempted, but to select inferior products produced by unscrupulous small manufacturers.

In today's society, the Internet has become an indispensable part of the current life. Any information can be obtained through the Internet channel, but not all information is accurate, and even some people who maliciously spread false information exist in the building materials. In the online market, there has always been a lot of false information. In the constantly changing and competitive market, this information can bring a lot of business sources to the merchants, but false and false information can mislead many buyers.