Advantages of color steel plate in the application of building exterior wall

Update:18 Nov 2020

The use of color steel plates in steel structure buildi […]

The use of color steel plates in steel structure buildings has good winter warmth and summer heat insulation effects, and can extend the service life of the building. What are the advantages of sandwich panels for steel exterior walls? Let's take a closer look!

Conducive to maintaining stability at room temperature. Color steel sandwich panels are used for exterior walls. Since the structural layer with large heat storage capacity is located in the wall, when the room is subjected to unstable heat, the indoor air temperature will increase or decrease, and the wall structure layer will absorb or emit heat, so it is beneficial to maintain at room temperature stability. Room temperature.

Protect the main structure and extend the service life of the building. Color steel sandwich panels are used for exterior walls. Because the insulation layer is located outside the building envelope, it can buffer the stress caused by structural deformation caused by temperature changes, and reduce the envelope structure from harmful gases and ultraviolet rays in the air.

Increase the usable area of ​​the house. When the color steel sandwich panel is used for the exterior wall, the material is attached to the outside of the wall, and its thermal insulation effect is better than that of the internal thermal insulation. Therefore, the main structure wall can be thinned to increase the use area of ​​each family.

The damp condition of the wall is improved. Under normal circumstances, the inner insulating layer must be provided with a moisture-proof layer, and the outer wall uses colored steel sandwich panels. Because the main structural material with high vapor permeability is inside the insulating layer, so long as the color steel sandwich panels are appropriately selected, they are usually inside the wall. Condensation will not occur, so there is no need to install a moisture barrier. At the same time, after the external heat insulation measures are taken, the temperature of the entire wall of the structural layer increases, reducing its temperature content, thereby further improving the insulation performance of the wall.

Promote energy-saving renovation of old buildings. The outer wall of the steel structure building adopts the color steel sandwich panel method to carry out energy-saving transformation of the old house, without temporary relocation, and basically does not affect the indoor life and normal life of users.