you can pose the arm in the position you want it to be

Update:28 Apr 2018

This will heighten up your mood into cleaning the kitch […]

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Since these are usually the dirtiest ones, soak them for a couple of minutes to loosen up burnt dirt. Usually drip pans turn black after long use.Before you start, play your favorite cd. Dispose your trash as much as possible. DO this with a separate dish rag.Use mops that are efficient absorbents.Here are simple and easy tips on how we can turn our kitchens to the most sanitary part of the house. They are very caustic and toxic and will definitely cause problems when ingested accidentally. Using your dishwashing soap and a brush or sponge, scrub dishes. You can use warm water for this to easily remove grease. Replace rags, sponges and steel wool regularly to avoid contamination. It will be much better to empty trash even if it is half full. So soak them in a solution of white vinegar and baking soda or warm soapy water for half an hour. Always follow the directions for use on your cleaning products label. Store cleaning products away from childrens reach.

I use a clay shaper to press in the middle of the hand and make a small slump in the center of the hand like in picture 3
I will start to work on the fingers next.
Then I wrap it in a small layer of polymer clay I passed through the pasta machine, like in pictures 1 and 2

Now, before you wrap or after you finish wrapping, you can pose the arm in the position you want it to be.
You can follow this tutorial for babies from 4" - 22". Then I measure the other 5 fingers with the fingers I have already attached to the hand, to make sure the size is the same on both hands, like on picture 9

The other hand will be with a closed fist, so I start attaching the fingers and again pressing hard so that they don't fall off, making small indents so that I can fold them easier as in the images numer 10 and 11 and 13 and 14

At this point I add more clay where the hands need it as in pictures 22 and 23, to make them fatter or wider I add more small indents for the wrinkles and at this point I will fold the hands for the pose I want, with a small triangular knife or any knife. If a bigger baby has the hands open and straight fingers, make sure you add a foil armature to the fingers as well so that they don't break, but if they have their hand in a fist I don't add foil armature to the fingers.
Thanks so much for your time. I either do it with this pointy clay wooden tool, with a knitting needle or with my fingers Smooth as much as you can and make the flange or insert the loop you are going to attach your arms with and both hands are done. I cut a piece of aluminium foil, the length is the size of the arm, scrunch it and twist it until I get a width I am happy with. I hope this OOAK Babie's Hand Tutorial can help you!