Why should the surface of the environmentally-friendly color-coated board be inkjet?

Update:15 Mar 2019

1. The color coated steel coil has a particularly stron […]

1. The color coated steel coil has a particularly strong decorative effect after inkjet printing, and the color of the paint surface can also be customized according to customer requirements.

2. The galvanized color coated board can enhance the moisture resistance of the board after inkjet printing.

3. Pencil hardness, T-bend, impact work and other indicators are closely related to processing performance, so it should be fully considered.

4. Mechanical properties are important indicators for measuring formability and are important parameters for determining and adjusting the processing technology. Therefore, processing should be first

Talking about why the surface of galvanized color coated board should be painted

Inkjet galvanized color coated board

Galvanized color coated plate grade: flame retardant B1 grade, environmental protection E1

Galvanized color coated plate:

The product is applied to places with high requirements for sound quality environment, showing high-quality public image and adding warm and harmonious business and office atmosphere. Applicable to the construction industry, there are large theaters, concert halls, gymnasiums, banks, securities offices, airports, star-rated hotels, high-grade office buildings, conference halls, negotiation rooms, reception halls and various cultural and entertainment venues.