Why can the purification board be used so widely

Update:15 Nov 2018

Self-cleaning and anti-pollution: The outer color coate […]

Self-cleaning and anti-pollution: The outer color coated steel coil has excellent functions of protection-free and self-cleaning. Extremely low appearance, the exterior dust can be cleaned directly with clean water. Very good hydrophobicity (very large water absorption is less than 5%) and oil repellent. Very small coefficient of friction (0.15 - 0.17), no dust and scale, good antifouling.

Clean anti-bacteria: UB excellent cleansing plate surface silver ion purification coating, with outstanding anti-bacteria, resist the survival of a variety of infectious bacteria on the surface of the plate, reducing the possibility of disease infection, long-term adherence Clean.

Anti-radiation, anti-static: clean board exterior coating contains a special long-term and stable conductive function, its functional coating, is specifically designed for medical and clean space and special features. It has excellent electromagnetic shielding effectiveness and can be used to shield radiation and static electricity. Ensure the normal use of medical equipment and patient safety.

Acid and alkali resistance: the appearance of the function has a strong acid and alkali resistance. After selecting this product, there is no need to worry about the damage caused by corrosive chemicals on the wall. In addition, it has the ability to resist bacteria, which greatly reduces the intensity of sterilization in hospitals.