What are the usage environments of color coated steel coil?

Update:23 Mar 2018

For different environments, using different types of co […]

For different environments, using different types of color coated steel coil can have more effective prevention to achieve a certain number of service time. For example, the ordinary environment generally use ordinary PE polyester color coated steel coil. The environment that affects the service life of color plates generally includes the followings:

1.Climatic environment: There is little impact on flat inland areas, but if the color coated steel coil perennially use in areas of harsh climate, and soon there will be cracking, powder, paint and other phenomena. In this case, CAMELSTEEL recommends the users to use the HDP color coated steel coil.

2.Industrial environment: It mainly refers to the the surrounding environment that outside the use of the environment itself. If the surrounding areas are heavily polluted by heavy industry, the entire area of long-term emissions pollutants will easily lead to acid rain, and it will cause serious corrosion to the color coated steel coil.

3.Applicable environment: Also refers to the use of plant after the completion. Such as used to stack or produce chemicals, it is necessary to use PVDF fluorocarbon color coated steel coils and the substrate must be more than 150 grams of galvalume steel sheet can be appropriate to extend the appropriate use of time.