What are the advantages of steel structure types?

Update:06 Jun 2017

Steel structure is widely used in various engineering c […]

Steel structure is widely used in various engineering construction, such as steel bridge, steel workshop, steel gate, all kinds of large pipeline container, high-rise building and tower track mechanism, etc.. The following performance advantages are summarized:
1, earthquake: the roof of low rise villas are sloping roof, the roof structure basically adopts the triangular truss system made of cold-formed steel, light steel members in sealed end structural plate and plaster board, formed a very strong "plate structure", this kind of structure system with earthquake resistance and load ability stronger, suitable for seismic intensity of 8 degrees in the area.
2, wind resistance: steel structure construction light weight, high strength, overall rigidity, deformation ability. The weight of the building is only 1/5 of the brick concrete structure. It can withstand the hurricane of 70 meters per second, so that the life and property can be effectively protected.
3, the durability of the bracket structure: steel structure residential cold-formed thin-walled steel structure using all system components, steel using super anticorrosion high strength cold rolled galvanized sheet manufacturing, effectively avoid the influence of the steel in the construction and use of the process of corrosion, increase the service life of steel member. Structure life up to 100 years.
4. Heat preservation: the heat insulation material adopted is mainly glass fiber cotton, and the steel structure bracket has good insulation effect. The utility model relates to an outer wall heat insulation board, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of cold bridge of a wall, and achieves better heat preservation effect. 100mm around R15 thick cotton insulation, heat resistance equivalent to 1m thick brick wall.
5, sound insulation: insulation effect is an important index for assessment of residential, light steel system installation window adopts hollow glass, sound insulation, sound more than 40 db; composed of light steel keel, gypsum board wall insulation, the sound insulation effect can be as high as 60 db.
6, health: dry construction, reduce pollution to the environment, the steel structure housing the material can be recycled 100%, other supporting materials may also be most recovery, with the current environmental protection consciousness; all materials for green building materials, meet the requirement of the ecological environment, conducive to health.
7, comfort: light steel wall using high energy saving system, steel structure bracket with respiratory function, can regulate indoor air humidity; roof with ventilation function, can make the house form over the air flow, to ensure the roof inside of the ventilation and cooling demand.
8, quick: all dry construction, not affected by the environment season. A building of about 300 square meters, only 5 workers, 30 working days can be completed from the ground to the entire process of decoration.
9, environmental protection: materials can be recycled 100%, and truly green, pollution-free.