The impact of the application of color coated panels

Update:17 Aug 2018

1.Natural environment impact The selection of color-coa […]

1.Natural environment impact

The selection of color-coated plates, color steel sheet , color-coated rolls, and color steel coils in different regions is mainly based on local wind and snow loads and corrosive environments. The snow and snow load is mainly considering the safety factor of the building.

Although it is related to the mechanical properties of the painted board, it has more connection with the shape of the profiled steel sheet, the thickness of the galvanized steel and the connection between the board and the board. Recommendations for steel sheet materials are described in the development trend). Quantitative description of the corrosive environment in a region is relatively difficult, and there are many factors affecting the color coated plate.

2.Corrosive environmental factors in different regions

Temperature: high temperature, aluminum-zinc coating softens, corrosive medium is easy to adhere, easy to penetrate into the substrate, the oxygen content in the water will increase under high temperature, and the corrosion speed will increase at a certain temperature.

Humidity: The basic corrosion of the cutting and processing damage is electrochemical corrosion, and the low humidity makes it easy to form a corroded battery (ie, an electrochemical circuit).

Temperature difference at night: The temperature difference is large and it is easy to condense, forming galvanic corrosion conditions on the bare metal. In addition, the large temperature difference also leads to frequent cold and hot deformation of the coating, which accelerates the aging of the coating, and the external corrosive medium easily penetrates into the substrate.