The difference between galvanized steel coil and ordinary color steel coil

Update:08 Dec 2018

Aluminized zinc-coated plates are new materials produce […]

Aluminized zinc-coated plates are new materials produced in recent years due to high-end applications in China, and are commonly referred to as CCLI. It is made of galvanized steel sheet with more corrosion resistance than galvanized (55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 1.6% silicon) as substrate. After surface degreasing, phosphating, and complex acid salt treatment, it is coated with organic paint. And the finished product.

Substrate selection: AZ150 (aluminum-plated zinc 150g/m2;) G345A high-strength galvanized steel sheet (55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 1.6% silicon) Corrosion resistance data: 5%NaCL 35°C, 1000Hrs, Field is good, Scribe No Blister 2mm or less.

QUV: 2000hrs, color difference MAX.2, light retention rate of more than 90%, the above data shows that aluminum-zinc color coated plate (AZ150, G345A, PVDF) is very suitable for buildings or other facilities in extreme environments, extremely resistant to corrosion And weather resistance, and the steel mills of this steel plate can guarantee the service life of more than 20 years. In addition, high-strength steel sheets have been widely used abroad, which has good economics and is also a domestic development trend.

Ordinary color steel coil is a kind of composite material, which is also called color coated steel sheet. It is made by stripping the organic coating on the production line and then chemically transferring it by surface degreasing and phosphating. It has both a steel plate and an organic material. Both the mechanical strength and easy-to-form properties of the steel plate, and the good decorative and corrosion resistance of the organic material.