The degreasant performance of color coated steel coil

Update:30 Mar 2018

The degreasant performance of color coated steel coil c […]

The degreasant performance of color coated steel coil can generally be assessed by the following indexes:

1.Defoaming performance  
Defoaming performance test is mainly to check the foam elimination ability of water-based degreasant solution.

2.Cleansing power   
The cleaning capacity of degreasant is an important performance of cleaning agent. There are many ways to test the cleaning ability of degreasing agents. Including the qualitative test, such as oil test paper method GB / T13312-91, degreasing test method before coating of steel strip specimen, degreasing cotton wipe method, water film method etc. Quantitative detection methods include gravimetric method, fluorescence method.

3.Rinsing performance 
The rinsing performance test is mainly used to check the performance of the cleaning agent residue on the surface of the steel strip substrate washed away by water. Take out the test block after cleaning in cleaning system and place with 45 ° angle to dry. Completely immerse the air dried specimen in distilled water to wash for 10 times, then immediately removed and drying with a hot air blower to dry the test piece. Check if there are any residue of cleaning agent on the surface of the test piece. And drop a drop of absolute ethanol in the test piece, then heck whether there is white residue on the test piece after the natural evaporation of ethanol.

4.Emulsifying properties  

The measurement of emulsifying capacity adopts 50mL degreasing agent filled by colorimetric cylinder and 4 drawing oil with required number. The temperature was 55 ℃, shaking 30 times at a uniform speed, the distance is 400mm, and then recording if the status of the working fluid has stratification.In addition, the performance testing of degreasing agents also have hard water stability, high and low temperature stability and anti-rust laminated performance.