Steel construction project anti-corrosion coating operations should pay attention to the problem?

Update:31 Jul 2017

   Construction preparation     1, material     Constru […]

   Construction preparation
    1, material
    Construction steel structure engineering anti - corrosion materials should be selected to meet the design requirements. Anti-corrosion materials are primer, finish and thinner. Building steel structure engineering anti-corrosion primer red red oil oily anti-rust paint, molybdenum chromium red epoxy ester anti-rust paint, etc .; building steel anticorrosive finish with colored alkyd enamel and colored alkyd blending paint. A variety of anti-corrosion materials should be consistent with the relevant national technical requirements, but also products should be factory certificate.
    2, the main machine:
    Sandblasting, cotton wire brush, cotton, small compressor, paint keg, brush, pickling tank and accessories, and so on.
    3, operating conditions:
    1) Paint construction workers should have a special type of work operation permit.
   2) anti-corrosion coating works before the steel structure has been checked and accepted, and meet the design requirements.
   3) anti-corrosion coating site should be security measures, fire and ventilation measures to prevent the occurrence of fire and personnel poisoning accident.
  4) open-air anti-corrosion construction should choose the appropriate weather, wind, rain, cold, etc. should not be operating.