Several forms of color coating quality inspection

Update:21 Sep 2018

Check the original quality certificate. It is impossibl […]

Check the original quality certificate.

It is impossible for a large number of purchased color-coated plates, color steel plates, color-coated rolls, and color coated steel coil to perform all physical inspections on physical quality characteristics. Under the condition that the supplier is of stable quality and full credit, the quality inspection adopts the method of close combination with quality verification, and specifically checks the following original quality certificates: quality certificate/certificate/inspection report.

In order to minimize the risk of its own quality, the material quality and quality characteristics of the final purchase of the product and the product formation process must also be subject to physical quality inspection.

Physical inspection.

The full-time inspectors of the unit or the entrusted external inspection unit shall issue inspection records after observation, test and measurement according to the prescribed procedures and requirements, as evidence for the qualification of color coated plates, color steel plates, color coated rolls and color steel coils.

Dispatched personnel to the factory to accept the inspection.

The color purchase party sends people to the supplier to conduct on-site inspection and acceptance of the aluminum-zinc-plated products and product components (such as ordering products, purchased products, and external and external processing), and the operation process and quality control of the product formation. The implementation of supervision and the quality of finished products confirms that the quality of the supplier is controlled. The relevant inspection report provided confirms that the inspection results meet the specified requirements. The original documents for release and delivery are complete and complete, and the products are qualified for acceptance. This method is still used in railway transportation equipment, military industry and shipbuilding industry.