Roof panel installation

Update:04 Dec 2017

    The roof panels are secured by a dedicated conceale […]

    The roof panels are secured by a dedicated concealed mount and purlins, the concealed mount approach and site construction are as follows:
1. In the purlins on the ink line as the baseline, the fixed base with self-tapping screws on the purlins. And check whether the connection is close and reliable. At the same time, install the corresponding parts of the fixed seat.
2. From the direction of the long tail of wind paved the first piece of the board, the first piece of the ribs aligned with the ribs of the seat, pressed into check to check whether the tight fit.
3. The next piece of the plate buckle fasteners buckle in the sun on the plate to be fixed, and then the next plate of the female ribs buckle, and adjust flush.
4. The plate of the yin and Yang rib buckle at the initial artificial fixed, initially fixed with a manual straightener stranded twice, the first time the first plate and the holder yoke hook twisted 90 degrees, the second Then stranded twisted 180 degrees, and finally completed with mechanical stranding plate stranding.
5. The roof of the roof should be pulled up to 50 degrees, cornice down to pull 50 degrees, in order to waterproof and drainage.
6. Roof ridge ridge edge plate fixed, the roof of the plate with self-tapping screws to be fixed, the cornice of the board to its retractable.