Reasons and measures for rolling in cold rolling

Update:09 Mar 2019

The reason and method of rolling in cold rolling refers […]

The reason and method of rolling in cold rolling refers to the situation that the steel coil is in a state of drift that is not fixed relative to the position of the middle line of the rolling mill, and is a special form of running deviation. Reasons for the occurrence of the hot rolled steel coil :

1. The difference between the steel strip and the steel pipe is the same as the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value of the thickness measurement of the steel strip wide mark. Generally, the difference between the same steel pipe is less than 0.05mm, and the foundation has no roll-up phenomenon; on the contrary, it is easy to take the roll.

2. If the oil scraper is not operated by the oil scraper and the wind pressure is insufficient, it will cause the rolling steel to have a certain residual rolling oil, which will reduce the friction coefficient between the steel strips, so that the two sides of the steel coil tend to move more and more.

3. The amount of reduction, a center, AS-U default value of each pass of the reduction of the distribution of unreasonable will affect the steel pipe type, profile, easily caused by the roll; when rolling the first pass, if the first The preset values of the center and AS-U are not suitable, resulting in the steel belt showing a single-side wave and a steel pipe type, which easily causes the roll.

4. Abnormality during rolling High-speed rolling presents broken belts, and the tension at the moment disappears. The city causes the steel belt to roll.

5. Others The front and rear tensions are not matched, the roller system is not properly equipped, and the work rolls are tapered, which easily brings the roll.