Quality concept of color coated steel products

Update:30 Sep 2018

Color coated plates,  color steel coil products should […]

Color coated plates,  color steel coil products should not only meet the requirements of the standard, but also meet the requirements of the standard + α. α is a product characteristic that is higher or stricter than the standard. This property has inherent properties (eg, chemical composition, organizational structure, physical properties, or process standards) and imparted properties (eg, price, packaging, delivery period).

Such characteristics are expressly stated (with contract, agreement or technical conditions) and implied (without the above express provisions, but are very important to the customer, such as the number of breaks during hard wire drawing, in the standard) There is no regulation, but the customer wants less, the better.)

This property is regulated by laws and regulations (for example, easy-cut steel should not contain lead that is harmful to environmental protection), and there are also additional companies (for example, professional steel for specific user companies).

α is first proposed by the customer, is the requirement that the customer puts forward from the needs of the product, and is likely to be the process characteristic requirement (for example, the stamping property, corrosion resistance or weldability of the automobile sheet), etc.; Product characteristics (for example, strain hardening index n, plastic strain ratio y value, electrochemical performance of corrosion or carbon equivalent) are the processes of enterprise design and development. α is the output of the enterprise design and development process.

If the company does not have the ability to innovate independently, then there can be no alpha. That is to say, the standard +α is not arbitrarily achievable, and it requires technological innovation and accumulation of the enterprise. The more technological innovations and accumulations a company has, the more alphas that meet customer-specific requirements. Different alphas have different corporate standards, technical procedures and inspection procedures, and are a combination of quality technology and quality management.